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verse 1
The way you look at me
I think it's hard to believe
The way you smile at me
I think it's hard to conceive
But I wanna know
What's on your mind
Are you taking the time
To realise that you're mine

To feel a disgrace
And hide my face
Where is my place
Disappear without a trace

Do you see me
When I see you
Would you know me
If I knew you
Would you love me
If I loved you
Won't you show me
that you do

verse 2
If I could talk to you
I know you would understand
The way I feel about you
I know you would comprehend
But you're in your own world
And I'm in mine
Could you take the time
To see into my mind

I wish i could be
Want you want to see
How you'd want me to be
But that's just me