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My mind is wasted as I try to understand what lies inside
Within I know I cannot lie inside the truth eludes my eye
Do I misuse the gift of time with self delusions that aren't mine
Frustration burns away inside my thoughts and actions wont align

And I know you'll rescue me from myself
And I know you'll draw me back to yourself
I am blind but you give your eyes to me
My disguise will fall away some day

My understanding falls away ,in the darkness led astray
Without a reason hope is lost ,if i can't give up the cost
Sins embedded in my ways serve to complicate the maze
I cant see what's consuming me but it shall burn away

Let me tell you a mystery
That we shall not all sleep
But we shall all be changed
In a flash when the last trumpet sounds

Where O, death is your victory
Where O, death is your sting
We'll be raised incorruptible
With the gift immortality

I will escape temptation
Through the words of the Lamb
There will be no delusion
All is safe in his hand

He will show me the way
For he has overcome
Turned down bread from the rock
For the words of the One

I wont be given up
The day shall surely come
I will not hide away ,away

There will be separation
For glory and for fire
Now who will hear the call

Not one can see the end
But Him that rules forever
My foes will not prevail ,against me

Who will recieve the light
Before the seals are broken
And all will be revealed

Therefore I shall stand firm
and I shall not be pulled away
I will further His work
for my labour is not in vain